MFA, California Institute of the Arts 2006
BFA, California Institute of the Arts 2003


Solo + Two Person

2016    Un-Structure, Claudia Parducci, Connie Walsh, Brian Wills, Ochi Projects, LA, CA
2016    The Space Between Us, Ochi Projects, LA, CA (Catalog)
2015    Claudia Parducci + Melinda Gibson, Sloan Projects, SM, CA  
2013    Interiors, Nye+Brown, Culver City (Catalog)                          
2010-11 Emergency, Keep On Fridge, Garboushian Gallery, LA, CA      
2009   12 Gauge: Paintings From the Survival Project, Torrance Art Museum        
2006   Claudia Parducci, Mint Gallery, Valencia, CA                              
2005   Trace, L-Shape Gallery,  Valencia, CA                                      
2004   Pleasure Grounds, D301 Gallery, Valencia, CA                            
2002   Luxe, Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA                              
2001   American Girl, Ochi Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho (Catalog)              


Between Two Seas/ S California Meets S Italy, Curators Luigia Martelloni and Alberto Vanetti, Museo Archeologica Arte Contemporanea, Cisternino, Italy

Tankah, curator Claudia Huiza, McNish Gallery, Oxnard College, Oxnard, CA
Undone: Like an Adolescent or a Fragment of a Building or a Book Without a Home, Blue Studio, Los Angeles, CA    
Black Mirror, 
curator Julia Swartz, Charlie James Gallery, LA, CA 

LA Confidential, Art Bogota, Bogota, Colombia

Patience, Process, Practice, Keller Art Gallery, LMU, LA, CA                
Up To and Including the Horizon, Ochi Projects, LA      
Angels With Dirty Faces, Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria              
Service & Other Stories, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro CA    
An American Water Margin, University City Art Museum of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China    Mas Attack 6, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA                              
Prep School, Torrance Art Museum, curators Lisa Schmidt, Max Presneill 
Narratives of the Perverse III, Jancar Gallery, LA, CA                          
Ed’s Party, William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA                            
The Gang’s All Here, Central Utah Art Center, Main Ephraim, Utah            
Domestic Disturbance, Nye+Brown, Culver City, CA                               
Costra Nostra, Rheeway Gallery, LA, CA, curated Grant Vetter, Max Presneill        
The Lords and the New Creatures, Nye+Brown, Culver City, CA            
Re:Present, LA Mart, LA, CA, curators Max Presneill, Luis Hernandez  
TelArtPhone, Beacon Arts, Inglewood, CA                                                
What's New, Pussycat?, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA                 
Durden + Ray Year One, RAID & Commonspace Galleries, LA, CA       
Love_Always, Galleries Lara Tokyo and Eitoeiko, Tokyo, Japan        
Swell, Metro Pictures, Nyehaus and Friedrich Petzel Gallery , NY       
Eros/Thanatos, Torrance Art Museum, Curator Tricia Lawless               
FAX, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA, Curator: Joao Ribas          
Unabashed, Unclad, Unframed, Ochi, Sun Valley Id                                 
Here and Now, ARTRA Curatorial, LA, CA                                               
The Beast In Me, Bowman/Bloom Gallery, NY, NY                         
Conventions and Attitudes, Habeus Gallery at CUNY, NY & Remy, LA   
LAAGAFBLA08, Phantom Galleries, Los Angeles, CA                          
Big Bang and Other Origins, David Salow Gallery, LA, CA               
The Juice is Loose, Gallery 507, Venice CA                                        
Supersonic 06, Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, CA                            
Collisions and Pileups, Armory Center, Pasadena, CA                               
Group Sexy, Cartelle Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                   
Black Velvet Kruise, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tijuana, Mexico     


Fellow Travelers, LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA                                                 June 2-23, 2012

Gary Brewer, Claudia Parducci: The Architectonics of Life & Loss, Art & Cake, May 2017 Jaqueline Bell Johnson, Black Mirror, Art & Cake, May 2017
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Panels and Symposiums
Prep School, panel, Torrance Art Museum, LA, CA, March 2014
Artist Lecture, Santa Monica City College, SM, CA, Spring 2012